Recursive bows

The recursive traditional bow is a replica of the historical composite bow of the peoples of Asia. Bows of this type were made by joining several materials (wood, horn plates, tendons). Traditional recurve bows have a distinctive shape and a complex manufacturing process, which gives it significant advantages. The short length of the recurve bow allows it to be used by both foot and horse archers, the reflexive shape of the shoulders significantly increases the initial speed and efficiency. Bows in this category are the choice of history buffs who shoot with both Mediterranean and Asian grips. You can buy a recurve bow for shooting that is right for you on our website. The catalog presents models of traditional recursive bows, which you can purchase directly on the website. You can also contact us to discuss custom making an exclusive recurve bow. KadysBows line of handmade recurve bows: Hungarian Hoder, Crimean Tatar Khan, Mongolian Mongol and series of Turkish recurve bows - Orhan.