Spiritual archery tournament - Archery club Chernihiv archery range.

Spiritual archery tournament - Archery club Chernihiv archery range.

On October 12-13, 2019, the "Soulful Archery Tournament" dedicated to the 950th anniversary of the Antoni Caves was held in the glorious city of Chernihiv.

The tournament was held at the foot of the Illina Church in a wonderful holy place near the Antoni Caves, on the site of the Archery club Chernihiv archery range.

27 archers of various ages from different parts of Ukraine took part in the competition. The youngest participant, Anya, is only 8 years old.

Participants of the tournament competed in shooting with different types of bows: traditional bows, Olympic bows and sports bows. The tournament was held in the form of field shooting. This is shooting at 12 targets at different distances.

According to tradition, TM "KadysBows" was the sponsor of the tournament, which provided the main prize of the tournament - a traditional handmade bow, which was drawn in a lottery among all participants!

The archers who won the prizes received prizes from the sponsors of the competition and, of course, well-deserved medals and certificates!

Soulful, friendly atmosphere during the two days of the competition, wonderful sunny weather, positive mood of the participants, coordinated work of the organizers - this made it possible to hold the archery tournament at a decent level!

The tournament took place, the holiday was a success, many thanks to all the organizers, participants and guests of our city of Chernihiv!

Till next time!